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Last year, I wrote In The Future There Will Be No Secrets, detailing some of the many scientific experiments that show consciousness going far beyond our physical minds. In it, I featured philosopher David Chalmers, who is currently one of the rising stars in the study of consciousness.

For those who haven’t read the article, there is now a growing sentiment that consciousness is an important piece of the puzzle in helping to understand our universe.

There is also a growing point of view among physicists that there must be a cosmic consciousness pervading the universe.

I know it sounds new agey, but consciousness is heading toward being more than just electrical charges in our brains. And as we improve our understanding of consciousness, the new knowledge is likely to cause serious ethical and social consequences, which affect one’s personal development (i.e. dealing with secrets and shame).

To put it simply, there’s a higher science with whatever is going on in your mind. Recent scientific developments are slowing showing us that whatever is in your head isn’t necessarily just there; it’s everywhere, and may very well be a fundamental block of the reality we find ourselves in.


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