“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

―Albert Einstein

A genius, life altering, and mind blowing coaching program will help you solve your problems, make major life changes, achieve goals, and get real results. Improve your life, date the person you want, bounce back from a divorce or a breakup, become more confident, or simply get to know yourself better.

This is a no-nonsense coaching program that will help you clarify everything about your life, and lead you to the best or most optimum actions to take, whatever problems or issues you are facing right now.

The only catch is you must be ready to dig in and do the hard stuff, and welcome the uncomfortable. If not, then this coaching is not for you, and I don’t want your money.

“Great advice, and great to talk to. Would highly recommend to those who have relationship questions.”

―Eddie, Los Angeles, USA

In truth, I’m only opening this coaching on a limited basis, or even temporarily. But if you’re serious on solving your problems and making life changes, read on.

Here is one question from a satisfied guidance seeker that reflects the accuracy of this coaching program:

“Is this a psychic reading? How could you be so spot on in many things?”

―Irene, PA, USA

Normally my coaching is for men but that was a question I received from one of the few females who asked for help on her relationship issues with a man. Now, she has overcome her relationship issues and is on a better track with her life. She’s now more empowered as a person. 

Here’s a screenshot of the follow up message she sent to me:

I don’t do guesses. And to answer the question, I’m not a psychic. However, that woman just gave me very few details about herself but I knew instantly what her family is like, the kind of relationship she’s in, her personality profile, and how to resolve her problems.

Imagine the many other possibilities, if I knew the individual more. And this is the benefit of this newly opened limited coaching session program. 

If you’re a man wondering what the woman you’re attracted to is thinking right now, I can help you read her mind.

If you’re lacking in self confidence in doing what you need to do, I can help overcome your limiting beliefs.

If you’re someone who feels stuck in life but doesn’t know how to proceed, I can help you see through them.

I can help you see things with precision.

I give no-nonsense coaching that is grounded on experience, common sense, and science. I’ve been writing for more than two years now on advanced self-development targeting men, and been giving advice not just to men but to women as well. 

The second part is important because getting perspectives from just one gender will be limiting. Having given advice to both genders, whomever they may be, or what they do in life gives me an edge. More than just helping men with their issues in a better manner, it also allows me to see many bigger pictures.

“THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

―Frank, Maryland, USA

This a kind of coaching that sees people in a comprehensive manner. I don’t just help solve relationship issues. I also help solve varying life issues that many are faced with on a day to day basis be it about their work, profession, or anything about their lives.

“Had Great advice, if you are having any doubts or questions, This service is for you.”

―DJ, Pennsylvania, USA

This program is more than just receiving advice or being coached. The goal of this program is for you to truly develop or evolve. This is about true development. 

“Awesome experience! I’m speechless! :)”

―Meg, Croatia

Now, this takes serious commitment on your part. This is not a program to be used in hiding your issues or running away from your problems. It’s not meant to be a band aid. It’s meant to get to the root causes. 

You have the option of doing the usual stuff that many do such as…

…get advice from your friends

…get advice from different site forums

…get another book and follow the instructions

…spend a lot on therapists and consultants who may not necessarily have the multi-faceted intuitive street-smart experience of a life coach on the field 

…watching free advice on YouTube

But then, you’ll most likely end up going back to the same place as before. Just like at the beginning of every new year where everybody hits the gym then stops a few weeks later. 

“Thank you so much!!! You have truly helped me tremendously!!! Everything was so accurate and mind blowing. I was amazed at how on point everything was. The advice I was given, was just outstanding and gave me so much clarity. Thank you for everything!”

―Que, WI, USA

This coaching session program would involve a reliable guidance and path for you to help yourself achieve your goals. You will be receiving a thorough analysis of your self and the environment you currently find yourself in. 

This coaching program would include:

✓ 1-on-1 hour long sessions*  

✓ Family background analysis

✓ An in depth look at your personality profile

✓ Lifestyle Development and Relationship Development

✓ Environmental Hacking Analysis 

✓ A detailed year long action plan and beyond. You will be receiving a comprehensive report.

This is a straight up coaching session program. No hidden agendas. No fillers or anything to hook you up to buy another program.

1-on-1 hour long sessions are done once per week on monthly, trimonthly, and six month programs, and these are for those who are seriously committed to change. Sessions can either be virtual or private depending on your geographic location. Pay per hour sessions are available as well and will still get a detailed report, but I strongly recommend long term programs to ensure results. 

“Thanks so much. I feel so much better after reading the report. It is very grounded and detailed. I appreciate this.”

―Irene, PA, USA

“A very Long in depth analysis and help given. Appreciate it. It was insightful. U are worth ur weight in gold.”

―Skyler, USA

“Excellent to work with, very helpful. I would definitely recommend. Great work. Thanks again for all of your help. Cheers!”

―J, BC, Canada

I can only take on a few clients at a given time. So if you’re even a little bit curious, reserve your spot and apply right now!

―Mac Rivera, Project Man Beyond